Friday, January 31, 2014

Using cheap plastic lenses to get MACRO effects

How to use an iSight camera or webcam to look at small objects or magnify object detail.

I have cheap plastic lenses that I use with my MacBook iSight camera to shoot closeups of objects I wish to document.  This works really well.  I glued a magnet to the edge of my MacBook.   I put metal clips on two cheap plastic lenses I had.  Once the lense is in front of the iSight camera, macro magnification occurs.  Positioning can be very sloppy.  This idea has worked out very well for me.  Sometimes you have to adjust the lighting.  Sometimes you must stabilize the item you are viewing.

This will work for webcams as well.  I also placed a webcam above a microscope from Radio Shack.. that worked as well.

Macro lens
Macro lens snapped to MacBook

super Macro lens

Back side of lenses

Front side of lenses

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Project #2     MicroScope
I also used a MicroScope from RadioShack ( MSRS ) to create a USB MicroScopeCam.
I had a scrapped articulated arm from an old camera.
I glued a magnet on the end of the arm.
On the MSRS I glued a large net for the magnet to attach to.
I modified the eyepiece to accept a webcam.
I chopped the end off a cheapie webcam I had and added a centering washer and magnet.
( I am sure there are better ways to do all these things )

base has rubber feet made from silicon caulking. I really like GE Silicon II clear Stock#GE5000

magnet is glued to end of arm

sample end of microscope   bulb is for lighting

webcam attached to eyepiece end of microscope

the whole enchilada

brass adpater ring and "washer" magnet to hold webcam to microscope

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