Saturday, January 25, 2014

CyberPunk me and my body #CyberPunkMe

30 years ago I read novels by Gibson and Sterling and I wanted to be a cyberpunk.

Now ( with Iot and Wearable Tech and WIOT )......  I want more than ever to have my body techno-enhanced in and out.  I want zoomable eyes with macroscope capability.  I want to talk to the cloud by mumbling and waving my arms.  I want to talk to devices in my vicinity.   Sensors , warnings , .....  I want to talk to refrigerator , cameras around my house , my car , ......

I want to know my heart rate , my blood sugar level , the envelope of my pulse , my core temperature, ....

I am a nosy guy.

99guspuppet   #WearableTech

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