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IoT Meetup News #IoTDenver

Internet of Things Meetup 
Thursday 1900 hrs   2014m01d23 
 2lemetry.com     Floor #9

Both Floor #9 and Floor #14 have large screen displays that are attached to Apple TV devices.  If you have a recent  Apple laptop or ( IOS based ) iPhone / iPad / iPod  , then you can show your content on the screen.  AirParrot  ( http://www.airsquirrels.com/airparrot/ )  works as well for Windows and older MacIntoshes.

This website shows parking in Downtown Denver.  Just click the parking selection and navigate to 16th Street and Arapahoe.   Evening rates are $5 and up.  If you are willing to hike 4 blocks you can pay $3.  ( 20th and Arapahoe )  There is also 2 hour metered parking in the area.

At the north corner of 16th and Arapahoe is the D&F Tower.  Go inside and use the elevator.  Instructions will be posted at the elevator.  ( or go to the 9th floor )  

Discuss ways to set up educational projects about IoT / WT / WIOT.
Discuss recent news items and trends    IoT / WT / WIOT are very hot these days
Discuss Job Opportunities and local companies
Lightning Talks / Show&Tell / Q&A    If you have topics you want covered , let us know.

1900-1920      Show and Tell   SBS, Spectrum Analyzer, RASPBMC , etc.
1920-1930      IPV4 addresses , Moore's Law , IPPP
Sponsor introduction ... 2lemetry.com....   IoT for Enterprise....  Coyote  MQTT
1940-1950      Attendee introductions ( voluntary )  what's happening in Colorado ?

2000-2100      Lightning presentations , discussions , show and tell 

Rules: Ask questions , interrupt the speaker, offer witty insights , no belching. 

Loaner stuff
Experimenters & Developers  in IoT , WT , WIOT tech areas can get free advice ( worth every penny ! ) and loaner test equipment and development boards through #IoTDenver.  See partial list here .....

From Tim
I’m doing some work organizing the Denver Internet of Things (IoT) meetup group this Thursday and I was hoping some of you might be interested in participating. It’s going to be located at 2lemetry’s office at 1601 Arapahoe St. in Denver (14th floor this time), 7-9 PM Thursday January 23rd.


Below I have some time slots that are still available. If anything sounds interesting to you, reply to this email and I’ll mark you down. If you have something but you’re not sure if it fits below, ask me. If you want to just show up and see what’s going on in IoT, come and have some food & drink!

This Month in IoT: 10-15 minutes. Facilitate a discussion of news items and headlines that have popped up since the last meeting. Anything is fair game, as long as it ties back to the Internet of Things. You can pick one or two things or just give an overview of the month. Feel free to ask the crowd for help or come prepared with everything - your choice.

Project of the Month: 10-15 minutes. Show and tell us about a project you are working on, or just a project you want to do. It could be embedded programming, home automation, sensor data analysis, tools, Arduino/Raspberry Pi, visualization, or anything that ties back to IoT.

Trends: 10-15 minutes. Talk about a trend that you see in IoT. It can be a prediction for 2014, a best practice, or just talk about things that stand between where we are now and full scale IoT rollout. It could be about home automation, enterprise integration, wireless standards, protocols, microprocessors, human-computer interaction, or anything that you see on the horizon.

Job Board: Looking for a job? Have an opening? Does your company offer IoT services? Looking for a company that supplies IoT services? Stand up and announce it. If you can’t make it, just send your request to me and I’ll make sure you’re spoken for.

Please don’t feel that you need to be an expert. We all just want to hear what everyone else is doing and share ideas. If you want to talk about a topic that’s not listed or if you’re not sure is IoT related, reply to this email and ask me!

Looking forward to seeing you there. Invite friends!

Tim Kellogg
Sr. Software Engineer, Protocols

From Gus
Please let me know if you have a project you would like to show off.  Your show and tell can be 5 minutes, 10 minutes , 30 minutes ...... whatever you like.  We promise to ask smart questions.
Show some software you are using , some hardware you are using, a simulation you are running, a design you plan to implement , a class you plan to teach ........ or bring questions you want answered about a project you are working.  Or bring an article about some cool advance in IoT or Wearable Technology.  I am particularly interested in Wearable IoT ( WIoT ).

If someone is interested and  asks , I ( @99guspuppet ) can bring an Oscilloscope or an RF spectrum analyzer or an IoT demo board ( BlueTooth , Raspberry Pi , BeagleBoneBlack , WR703N , PCduino , MSP430 LaunchPad ,  etc. )   I will keep a list at

From Trevor Howard
( Trevor started the Denver IoT meetup and is trying to get Denver based IoT action off the ground.  I asked him if he was a socerer - Gus )
Ha, no evil plans here. Postscapes tries to bring all of these companies together online in the topic and would hope that the Meetup would work like that as well (at least that's why I wanted to start it here..)

I think the IoT conversation is a very difficult one to wrangle as people approach it from such a wide range of perspectives and backgrounds. I would hope to get IoT Denver and other Meetup groups to work together on something bigger than the sum of their parts and help focus energy instead of fragmenting it across so many projects that just get replicated again and again....finding that project to work on and how to frame it and organize is the hard part. :(

Here is something we did last year for IoTDay and think there would be plenty of energy for something big if it is framed right: http://iotevents.org/details/2013-internet-of-things-day

From Tim Kellogg  ..... rival IoT group

From: YES NOPE9 <yes@nope9.com>
Date: January 28, 2014 1:24:14 AM MST
To: Tim Kellogg <tim@2lemetry.com>
Cc: Joanne Yamaguchi <joanne.yamaguchi@gmail.com>
Subject: Re: New Meetup Group

I suspect there is more to this than you are saying.  I am 100% behind individuals learning about technology and specifically IoT and WIOT.  So I applaud any scheme that delivers that.  I don't see why there has to be a new group.

On Jan 27, 2014, at 6:39 PM, Tim Kellogg wrote:

Hi Gus,

I’m writing to give you a heads up that I’m creating a new IoT meetup group. One of the major drivers for the decision is to create an organized place where participants can get help with projects and exchange skills. I don’t believe the current group can support this goal because it’s aimed at a more narrow audience. Thanks for starting the current group, it was my inspiration to shoot for something even further beyond what we’ve already done.


Tim Kellogg
Sr. Software Engineer, Protocols

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