Thursday, November 22, 2018

Notes on Dexter ( HDR ) ... a robot arm of advanced performance

Designer / Company information

Haddington Dynamics
 3068 E Sunset Rd #14, Las Vegas, NV 89120

Third party reviews

Consumer / Household ideas
make vitamin packets
make med packets
open a bottle of wine
Unscrew lids on bottles

Link to unorganized notes

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Wednesday, November 21, 2018

Fabulous Found Tools and Materials

Chopsticks    [ 777chopstick 777chopsticks ]

chopsticks make great mixing rods.  The work great for holding a nut that has been painted and is drying.

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Sunday, November 18, 2018

I came, I saw , I unplugged the toilet ..... clogged toilet

99Toilet issues

The upstairs guest toilet got plugged by JY poop.  
I had configured the toilet for vigorous action including extra water
so the toilet overflowed. ,  The plunger did not fit toilet well and
I could not clear the poop. Finally I used an old towel as a gasket…. I cut a
two inch ( 6 cm )  hole in the middle of the towel and laid it in the middle of the bowl.
I put the plunger through the hole. I used another towel to “roof” the
plunger to reduce splashing.

When using a snake … protect the toilet from scratches …….   use a bent plastic pipe

It is also a good idea to use dish cleaning soap …. Followed by hot ( not boiling ) water.  
Water that is too hot will crack toilet.

side of snake

front of snake

bottom of snake

plunger does not fit toilet opening... 
round versus rectangular

preparing for action  here is the plunger

hole is cut in towel to fit end of plunger

toilet seat cover helps "clamp" towel

insert plunger into hole in towel

towel is wet and is pushed down into bottom of bowl

just about ready to "plunge away 

second towel protects against splashing

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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

Investigations into SQ13 , SQ11 , etc. cameras ... review

SQ13 cube camera and DVR 

Disassembly of SQ13  ( teardown )
reverse engineering , 
see the following images ....

SQ13 Audio
Audio recording is not very strong.  The microphone is in what seems to be a disadvantageous location.

SQ13 Battery
It appears to have a protection circuit as part of the battery.  The battery is rated at 3.7V and 300mAh.  Any add-on battery should have the same.

Disassembly of SQ11 ( teardown )
SQ11 images

SQ11 Battery
I saw no markings on the battery.  It is probably a 3.7 volt lithium. It appears to have a protection circuit as part of the battery.  Any add-on battery should have the same.

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Saturday, May 27, 2017

Restoring an SLA battery one experiment

Around 2017m05d22 I pulled a 12V  SLA battery from a trailer.  The SLA was being used to power the emergency braking system for the trailer.  I did not know how old the battery was or when it was last charged.  Here is a photo of the battery.

My DMM  measured 6.3V across the SLA.  My experience says this means the battery is near death and cannot be restored.  I chose to mess with it anyway.  I put the battery on a 14.3V / 2A charger and measured a voltage of 13.9V.  This usually means the battery is not accepting charge and is presenting a high impedance to the charger.  I left the charger connected overnite.  The next day the voltage was still 13.9V.   I disconnected the charger and the voltage was 12.2V ...... this was a surprise.  I do not yet have an explanation for it.

I shorted the SLA with a spoon for 2 seconds and got a big spark and some glowing metal.  Afterward the voltage was still 12.2V.   With the charger connected the voltage was now 13V.

I will continue to monitor this battery.

Gus in Denver

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Friday, March 10, 2017

48 LED Infrared Spotlight Schematic ... bought on eBay

This is the schematic for a spotlight available on eBay as of 2017m03d01 ....

Purchased qty 4 from eBay      ~ $3 each    with CdS photocell  12VDC

When dark , spotlight should turn on.  When dark , CdS in series with 345K resistor causes voltage to base of Q2 ( PNP ) to drop below voltage at emitter which is approximately 6v  ( using forward drop of IR LEDs as voltage reference )   ...Q2 turns on current flows into the base of Q3 ( NPN ) through a 1K resistor.     The emitter is tied to ground.  Q3 turns on and
Q1 is a power transistor that connects to 8 Strings of LEDs with a 27 ohm resistor in series in each string.  Q1 has a 2.2 ohm resistor between it’s ?? and ground.  This is used for current sensing.  

There are 11 resistors, 3 transistors , no capacitors , no inductors.  IRC can turn Spotlight on and off.

The coating on this PCB is very dark and hard to scratch ... so following the traces was difficult.

The 27 ohm resistors typically have 1V across them when the spotlight is on. This means 36 ma is flowing through each string or about 288 ma for 8 strings. the voltage across R3 is about 0.6V which is 272 ma. My DMM is a $5 cheapie .... so these readings are approximate.


I measured one diode chain as 11.66 VDC , 10.22 , 8.75 , 7.30 , 5.86 , 4.43 , R10 , 3.45 , 2.01 

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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Install HomeGenie on RPi3 2017February Success

This is the install procedure that worked for me .......  2017m02d17
I am using a RaspBerry Pi 3A with the Raspian OS version 8 on it.

I originally tried to use the instructions provided at the HomeGenie website.... no joy  .... I believe there were several typos in the instructions.

I used the terminal app that comes  as part of the Raspbian package.  I typed in the following commands.  Some of these commands take a long time to complete. ( over 10 minutes )

 sudo apt-get update

 sudo apt-get upgrade

 sudo apt-get install mono-runtime


sudo apt-get update

sudo apt-get install gdebi-core

sudo gdebi homegenie-beta_1.1.r525_all.deb

I have been using Class 10 SD cards ( both 8GB and 16 GB )

I want to thank the many people that I have gleaned information from off the internet.


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