Tuesday, March 31, 2020

DESIGN of extremely cheap short term emergency ventilator for COVID19 tags: 777covid19 777ventilator

started design on 2020m03d30
 inspired by

lots more coming soon


based on the URL above I have started the design of a very low cost ventilator.  This ventilator will have easily replaceable and/or repairable parts.  It will not be designed for long life.

D. Williams      S. Flory    R. King      M. Thornton       J. Dingley ( Dr John Dingley )
First published:05 February 2010

I am going to focus first on the following:
Self‐inflating resuscitation bag with supplementary oxygen port, reservoir bag and pressure limiting valve.

then I will look at the practicality of 3D printing electronic compatible control valves , one-way valves , piston , etc., 

basic plumbing flow


inner tube

vulcanize rubber



accordion cover

medical bag

3D print with TPU filament

tags:   777COVID19   777ventilator   

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