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how to make face-mask  .... 
a face shield ... 
a body suit .... 
   positive pressure head hood
 none of the information below is medical or health advice
this information may change at any time as I learn new things
I am exclusively targeting the avoidance and destruction of COVID19.  C19K means COVID19-KILLER.

-- look for and buy :  vacuum cleaner bags or filters that use use micro-filtration material.
I was able to buy HEPA filters and activated carbon filters from Amazon
-- cut out up to three pieces that will cover your nose and mouth.
-- cut out two pieces of loose weave cloth slightly larger than the filtration material.
-- create a pile of consisting of cloth , filtration material and finishing with cloth.
-- fasten the pile around the edges ....  sew or glue or tape it 
-- hold in place in front of your mouth and nose using a bandana or similar

FACE-SHIELD -- make or buy a clear plastic face shield that completely covers your face.
an example is at     look for SKU 46526 or 62995 or 96542

--- for as long as these items hold together ..... disinfect them daily.  see my C19K disinfectant heat box.

-- all surgical masks are effective at keeping droplets from dispersing from your breath.  They also stop droplets coming from other people. they are not very effective at stopping airborne viruses.  The clear face shield also stops droplets.  Both face shield and the mask prevent you from touching yourself.

HEPA filters are fairly good at stopping virus particles

-- if you wear gloves , take them off and put them to the side before removing mask and shield.  Wash your hands , then remove the shield and mask.  i keep pairs of gloves soaking in disinfectant.  when I put them on I don’t have to worry about them contaminating my hands or my mask or my sheild.

-- you want to keep a virus away from your mouth , nose , eyes , and the rest of your face.  Any scratches , cuts , open wounds on your body should be covered when you are in public.

-- To totally stop airborne viruses requires specialized filters and carefully sealed protective devices.

Don't be reckless about touching things and approaching infected humans just because you have a mask , shield or gloves.

more information:

The design of the surgical masks depends on the mode; usually the masks are three-ply (three layers). This three-ply material is made up from a melt-blown material placed between non-woven fabric. The melt-blown material acts as the filter that stops microbes from entering or exiting the mask.

They may not be effective against airborne viruses.
For healthcare workers, safety guidelines recommend the wearing of a face-fit tested respirator mask conforming to United States standard NIOSH N95 or European standard EN 149 FFP3 in the vicinity of pandemic-flu patients, to reduce the exposure of the wearer to potentially infectious aerosols and airborne liquid droplets.[17][18] The CDC provides information on manufacturers' products, and the importance of correct fitting of such masks (respirators). A printable factsheet has been designed for issue to those unaccustomed to respirator use.

If anyone knows of an effective liquid to dip a handkerchief in to kill COVID19 .... let me know

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