Monday, July 1, 2013

AdaFruit FLORA contest entry

AdaFruit FLORA contest entry!input.jspa?container=1069&containerType=700&roadtestid=1177

I am looking for collaborators to work on the iBod concept of body computing.   See links below...  My project will be open-source ( FLOSS ) and will address adding body computing capabilities to the wrist/hand of a user.   The iWrist ( public domain trademark ) will communicate via bluetooth to a BBB ( BeagleBoneBlack ) via Bluetooth.  The BBB will serve as a central server of data and computing power.  The BBB will be located in an amoured fanny pack ( for now ) with a power source.  The BBB module will be called an iBrain ( ( public domain trademark ).  As always I invite suggestions for improving my design ideas.

The iWrist ( based on the FLORA ) will use the accelerometer for gesture recognition.  It will use the compass for determining direction.  It will have sound output for communicating with the user plus door locks and such.  I hope to make the piezo create sounds  from 100 Hz to 50KHz.    The color sensor will allow the user to determine fabric colors using their wrist and communicate with external devices *1.    The NeoPixels will circle the wrist and provide messaging for both the user and external devices.  I am not certain if the contest kit comes with an OLED.  If it does , I will use it for messaging to both the user and external devices *1.  The OLED will allow *instant messages* to appear on the wrist of the user .

*1 Messaging to external devices will occur at very slow serial baud rates.  Protocol will be very simple ( ASCII based ).  I plan to have two way communications.

iWrist will not use GPS as that will reside in the iBrain module.  Perhaps I can connect the GPS module to the BBB ( iBrain ).

I presume the contest is based on the


I am not sure what comes with the starter pack.......

iBod    see    google keyword 777iBod

99guspuppet      keywords   777FloraAdaFruit

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