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What I want in Body computing .... the iBod

What I want in Body computing  
.... the iBod    integratedBody computing  ( Some day I will organize this post )

Wearable computing ( data storage , communication , data crunching , sensory enhancement )

Modularized hardware  ( like ProjectAra ) scattered about the body linked via a personal area network  ( PAN ) .
Efforts so far have been lame and tentative. 

What I want..
I want a personal information and control-the-world system that I wear on my body.  It would provide me with interfaces to objects I encounter as I move around in the meatspace world.  It would identify me in a secure way.  It would hold local personal data for me.  When I say it, I am not being precise.  there would be many *its*.  There would be smart agents on my wrists , on my eyes , on my ears , near my mouth, on my belt/fannypack/backpack.  These smart agents would be all over my body and they would reliably communicate with each other.  Each would do what it is best at.  For example: Smart Agent Glasses ( SAG ) would not try to monitor wrist motion.

Modules ....        pd ==> public domain   all tm listed here are public domain
iBrain ( tm pd )      computing and storage center 
iWrist ( tm pd )
iAnkle ( tm pd )

Some links......
= UGPO video demonstrated  by JY  ==>
= lame smart wristwatches
= article about smart watches    link to article about smart watches
= My thoughts about smart watches

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Random Notes:
2014m03d30 looks like a real good idea.... I hope it gets traction.  They seem to have teamed up with Motorola ( Project Aras ).  I hope they stick with OpenIP.



Somewhere are more ideas that pre-date iBod    I will find them someday  99ibod


#1    wear computational unit and storage unit on body iBODcomp
            has wireless ( bluetooth , 802.11n )
#2    wireless touchscreen displays can be linked to    iBODlook
               ( uses HTML5 , thin [ 1 cm or less ] ,  )
#3    headphones and microphone link to iBOD   ( bluetooth ? )
        constant audio recording, on-demand video recording ,
#4    carry power sources   iBODbat   iBODfcell   etc.
#5    pico-projector that connects wirelessly
#6    various sensors that connect wirelessly
        on-demand audio recording , video recording, G-forces ,

UI   User Interface
The user interface meal* is a result of  interacting with the user and the user indicating it's preferences.
 ( The user may be a male, female, dog , cat , or it )
The user interface design/preferences will be carried with the user and devices that the user interacts with will be modified accordingly.

Bill Fernandez

* "Where I come from the meal is the result of reflection and study. Menus are prepared in advance, timed to perfection. It is said that without the culinary arts, the crudeness of reality would be unbearable. "   The film 'Kate and Leopold'

I know what my year 2019 computer will be like  ......

==  Wireless touch screens ( lots of them ) everywhere using HTML5.   Pico-projectors everywhere ( instant on-off )
== Eyeglass based displays that actually work and don't give you a headache.  Google Glasses ?
==iBOD computer that you wear on your belt, or similar.   Carries your most demanded data ( syncs encrypted data wirelessly from your home / office storage or from the cloud ) .  You control encryption, no data ever leaves your possession without being encrypted.  iBOD connects with peripherals everywhere wirelessly using HTML5.  ( Printers, picoProjectors, Displays , Touchscreens, Kiosks , Financial PODs, NAS servers , etc. )
== NFC will be used for extra security and selectivity and identification
== Body jewelry interprets body / limb motions
== Watches, wrist-displays , embedded sensors interact with human body.  Silent vibrator in jewelry.
== Lots of speaker dependent command paradigms  .. clicks, kisses, whistles, work in conjunction with eye movement, head movement, etc.   Contact microphones eliminate noise ( located in jewelry ? )
== Ability to data dump to another human I am in close proximity to ( NFC, Bluetooth, .... )

3rd party projects that might lead to iBod

Google Glasses

Project Ara        #projectARA
This is an incredible project.  It has the good, the bad and the ugly.
So much technology can be stolen from this project.  <== lots of tech data
live stream of first conference   ==>

Military tested, ultra rugged wearable computer system gets commercial release
Military computer manufacturer Black Diamond Advanced Technology has released its ultra-rugged wearable PC and communications kit as a commercial-off-the-shelf (COTS) system. Adaptable to a range of specialist missions, the Modular Tactical System (MTS) system is - as the name suggests - not just a pack containing a computer. Components are split-up are and integrated into different parts of the soldier's uniform and equipment so that mobility isn't compromised, and it's designed to make the transition from computer operation to direct combat engagement in seconds. Read More

On Apr 10, 2013, at 6:14 PM, Isaac Marino Bavaresco wrote:

In my opinion, the ideal format for the future personal computer will be
a small box that fits in my pocket with battery, processor, RAM, storage
and wireless communications (4G, WiFi and Bluetooth), perhaps a
simplified cellphone interface (microphone, small speaker, keypad and
simple LCD screen) if it doesn't add too much cost and bulk. Of course
it will be completely water-proof and shock resistant.

Then it will communicate with a device of my choice for user interface,
chosen from a large selection. It could be a wristwatch, tablet,
cellphone-like, etc. Those devices could be very simple, only with the
minimum of processor, RAM and interfaces for each application.

If I'm wearing only a wristwatch for interface and need a larger screen,
I could borrow a tablet-size interface from my friend and bind it
temporarily to my pocket computer. No worry about data security because
no one's data is stored in it, it is only a dumb touch-screen.

At home I will bind it to a large flat-screen, keyboard and mouse and it
will automatically back-up and synchronize with my home NAS (I don't
like this cloud idea).


posted 2013m05d25

I would love to brainstorm IoT ( Intornet of Things ) and also meet with you guys. Let's have some kind of get-together.

The Intornet is the combination of intranets, the cloud , peer to peer ( BT / NFC / etc. ) , master/slave ( BT / NFC / etc. ). I would like to see some frameworks that I can work with. A gateway device would be nice. Maybe a hacked RBPi or BeagleBone Black or WR703N router ( $25 )

How about Global IoT day once per month or each two months ..... so we don't forget each other ? I would really like a structured project to work on.... is there anything at sourceforge or similar ?

I am also very interested in IntegratedlBody Computing ( iBod .... google 777iBod ) .... marry Google Glasses , smart wristwatch, cell phone , body computer, body sensors, etc. with external devices encountered during the day. Hooray

What is the IoT Council ?



777SmartWatch     My thoughts on a smart watch

#1  don't load it up with crap
#2  have features that are useful at the end of an arm
         NFC reader
         Rectangular display
         reliable link to iBod
         Color display

#3  Configurable ==>  favorite reading and sensing position
#4  Really , really easy way to charge battery

An IPod nano generation 6 would be the right size.... maybe a little too big.  A touch screen that was  16:9 ( 40mm by 22.5 mm ) is my choice.   ( keyword   777iPodNanoClone)

2013m05d29 update        link to article about smart watches
There are at least 10 ( binary ) schools of thought about *SchmartWatches* ....

1) Make them a miniature tablet computer
2) Make them a remote slave to smarter devices....

I am in camp #2. No watch-sized device is like to be all everyone would want. So I recommend it do what a wrist mounted device does best and leave the rest to a super-smart brother.

What it should do & should have .....

Easy battery recharging   easy easy   maybe swappable batteries
Ultra reliable wireless link to Schmarter Brother device
Sensors .... XYZ accelerometer , temperature , compass , infrared I/O
NFC reader
Hi resolution Color display
Lo resolution touch screen  ( buttons as well ? )  simple way to choose features , enter phone #
                 triple tap for 27 options   tap tap tap  tap tap tap   tap tap tap
                 simple swipe
                 simple way to enter phone numbers ???
Speaker ( 20Hz - 20KHz ) ( or even better  20Hz - 40KHz )
Microphone  ( 20Hz - 40KHz )
Vibrator alert
Closeup-Macro single shot camera

What it should not do ........

No GPS ( see Schmarter Brother )
No massive amount of memory or compute power ( see Schmarter Brother )
No voice recognition ( see Schmarter Brother )
Do not try to compete with Google Glasses
Do not try to compete with a Tablet
Do not try to be a cellphone

99guspuppet     Denver, CO   yes at

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2013m04d04      I claim iBod ,  iBodComp , CyberSophont , HTMT   as  common , public domain terms that cannot be trademarked


sonic-gcc drive your life said...

Hi,I'm an engineer from seeed, i read your comment on our blog. As for NFC, we are doing it. BLE is cool too, we made a watch using Xadow by ourself for fun. we are testing our unofficial blog by engineers: We will put more demos there.

sonic-gcc drive your life said...

Hi,I'm an engineer from seeed, i read your comment on our blog. As for NFC, we are doing it. BLE is cool too, we made a watch using Xadow by ourself for fun. we are testing our unofficial blog by engineers: We will put more demos there.