Friday, June 14, 2013

SchmartWatch an extremely modest proposal

SchmartWatch   an extremely modest proposal


There are at least 10 ( binary ) schools of thought about *SchmartWatches* ....

1) Make them a minature super-powerful tablet computer
2) Make them a remote slave to smarter devices with modest capabilities ....

I am in camp #2. No watch-sized device is like to be all everyone would want. So I recommend it do what a wrist mounted device does best and leave the rest to a super-smart brother.

What it should do & should have .....

Easy battery recharging   battery should magnetically unsnap / snap   also auto position itself
Ultra reliable wireless link to Schmarter Brother device    900 or 400 MHz link   boot over wireless
Sensors .... XYZ accelerometer , temperature , compass , bio-medical add-ons
NFC communications  NFC bootloader capability   boot loader makes functions very plastic
Infrared xcvr   bootloader over infrared
Infrared thermometer
Hi resolution Color display
Lo resolution touch screen  ( buttons as well ? )
Speaker ( 20Hz -50KHz )    ultrasonic   maybe two speakers hi freq and lo freq
Microphone     20Hz - 50KHz
WaterProof    Smashproof
Vibrator alert   actually push the skin
Closeup-Macro single shot camera
            distance measurement
snap on add-on I/O   magnetic     2 wire   power and data

What it should not do ........

No GPS ( see Schmarter Brother )
No massive amount of memory or compute power ( see Schmarter Brother )
No voice recognition (  Schmarter Brother should does this )
Do notTry to compete with Google Glasses
Do not Try to compete with a Tablet
Do notTry to be a cellphone   .... can be auxiallary mic, sound out , keypad

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