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99theFactory An experimental place [ 99tF ]

Quickie ..... for  99theFactory
99tF will function out of a 5000 sq-ft warehouse and a 44 acre mountain property.   The mountain property has several rough dwellings with fireplaces and propane heaters.  99tF will not be a 501C3.  It will ally itself with a 501C3 to allow tax-deductible donations.  The focus will be on FLOSS ( Open Source Activities ).  Some projects will be designed to make money to fund the many more FLOSS projects.  Educational and technological events will be a focus.  New, original, creative ideas will be the focus.  99tF will avoid establishing relationships with government agencies.  We think government is toxic.

      http: // 
99theFactory .....
99IPPP .......
giggle  ==> 777Yamaguchi   777Calabrese

Manifesto  ... who we enable
Support inventors
Support hackers
Support students
Support teachers
Support contest participants
Support FLOSS developers ..... emphasis on creativity   Dent the Universe

fees, tickets , retainers , personal consulting .......

Tool crib
Climbing wall
Digital Projector array with 3D interaction
Alan Watts Zen room
Automobile customization
( as always ...we invite suggestions )

what should logo look like ?  Have a logo contest at
    starting point is 3 top hats with smoke coming out

SLAMS/SCRUMS    ( activities )     also sub scrums, mini-slams
Super Logical Action Models    payment: pay $xxx  in advance, show up , get $xxx back
Task:  Look for SLAM/sub scrums leaders  those who want to share
Advertising your services is okay.... must be a autonomous spot announcement  ( ~ 2 minutes ) during breaks

also super stupendous slamming scrum

Inventor   projects  slams scrums    
scrum is group function    slam is more individual... more one on one

Soft Archery w/marshmallows
Car Clinic
Cinema  iScrum      one week  ( one week production of making a film about  )
Code software
Design   ( a product , a service , a network , a virtuality, ........)
Diving       into air bag   be a stunt fool    get video of yourself
Dwarf       nanoPerson Hurling ( dwarf ) velcro gloves and footwear
Dent the Universe  ( SJobs , RFeynman , BFranklin , Einstein , .......
Golf     nanoUniverse Ricochet golf
Green Dot Driving School
Immersive Scrum ( iScrum )   5 to 10 days of intense creativity
iBod  ( Integral Body / digital interface   audio, visual , kinetic, medical , ... )
Incense  1 hour dueling incense
IPPP    DIY reorientation  learn to come in from 6 o'clock low
Kenny Conceit panel discussion "But can he do the job ........"
Logo  contest at
Mars Sandbox   'would you like to live on Mars ? '
Painting ........... Body Painting , non-permanent tattoos , LEDs, etc,   video capture
Philosophy... what does it really mean ?  Why bother ?
Ping Pong tourney     new rules   big balls , off the wall , etc.
Poetry contest  .... with animal costumes  all at once
Product Dev.... become a billionaire
3D printing.... what is the weirdest thing you could print ?
Raspberry Pi scrums
robot vs human     ( paintball competition )   remote control ???  skin tight bodies
Steve Jobs ...... Karma
Emergency Shelter   how you gonna survive the alien invasion ?
Turtle Cake Cookoff  ..... for the emergency shelter food supply
T-Shirt   wet / dry who can tell ?   See philosphy.... "F" shirts
Video game scrum   multiple players in virtual & meat space simultaneously
Website iScrum
World Opinion website

Waiver / House rules
Anyone who approaches or enters these premises waivers the right to complain or sue about anything , no matter how ridiculous.  This is a totally free-form area.  Expect anything.  Assume nothing.  No one under 18 without guardian.  Guardian is responsible for their charges.  Adults are responsible for themselves  Nothing against the law is allowed in this facility.  Take it far away.  99tF thinks the law is an ass and 99tF does not want to be kicked in the ass.  Some areas are video recorded ( These areas are marked and labelled ).

The 99the Factory project will complete in one year.  The rewards will be available for more than one year.

 Investment Levels
1          Virtual wall of honour  ( your handle or anonymous... plus twitter message )
∞5           Meatspace wall of honour  ( your handle or anonymous... plus twitter message )
25         T-shirt
∞50         BackPak
100       2 Tickets to any conference / event
500       Over-nighter once per year  for 2 persons for  3 years
1000     2 tickets to Ski Slam       2 people      Stay at 99tF 7 nites per year   3 years
2000     3 tickets to Ski Slam and Summer Slam   2 people  Stay at 99tF 7 nites per year   3 years
5000     2 tickets to any event ( over and over ) for 3 years
> 5000     you are the master of 99tF  name your deal

Desired funding  $30K or more

Stay at 99tF 2 nites per year   hostel environment
Stay at 99tF 7 nites per year   hostel environment
Winter Slam    3 day conference and 4 nights hostel accommodations   mountains
Summer Slam    3 day conference and 4 nights hostel accommodations   mountains
Yearly conference   3 day conference in Denver   3 nights hostel accommodations
Film Festival    3 day festival   accomodations available

RADMI     Research and Development Media Institute
Media education conferences


on the walls   electronic paper
keep sponsorship local to a particular project

NFC or QR only  turned on and off every .99 minutes
DVR is in limited areas.......



An iBod.....that is a body computer with vision enhnacements, audio enhnacements, local data storage, local comutational power, vast array of communication capabilities......... talks to the *cloud*, automobiles, smart monitors, refrigerators, door locks , store checkout, passing strangers,

.99 hour intervals
99 cent monetary units     infinity symbol  looks like two 9s  also our green rim glasses with rose colored lenses look like infinity


[ sub scrums ]    scrum is group interaction        slam is more individual

installfest             .5 day        donations       10  ( 10 x99cents )
cinema lighting      4 x .99hr     fee                5 people at $9.99
cinema sound          same as above
cinema shot framing   same as above
how to cook a cat
quad film study   4 weeks one film per week    fee for discussion
 corporate ethics overview  ( book must be pre-read )
how to deal with your employees
how to deal with your employer
sub scrum weekly/twice-monthly/ monthly series  ( 12 lessons in Italian )
( like Free University  but cheaper  fee to teacher and fixed fee to 99tF )

 iScrum    intensive, immersive scrum
1 week on lighting , DP , Directing , acting , editing , workflow , effects
scrums / slams will have pre-work , home-work

Joe versus the volcano   "But can he do the job?"

individual counseling available   100/hr
∞ resembles 99

Certificates   99tF issues certificates   explanation of coursework on certificate and on reference website     Khan videos

Where to advertise
Paul Italiano
Sally church
postage stamp size billboards
logo contest
New Tech


99theFactorons   99thefactory  99tFManifesto

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