Sunday, January 22, 2012

Medical tricorder contest is awesome idea...... has lousy details

 To learn about this $10 million contest   google ==> " medical tricorder contest"
here is a link

This is a spectacular concept.... it just blows me away.
Unfortunately .... the details reveal a stupid plan.  The contest is supposed to last until 2015.  I think that legitimate entries will start appearing in 3 to 6 months.  Why would anyone want to wait ?  Defining target functionality and leaving the evaluation date open ( or checking every 3 months ) is the way to go.  NO ONE CAN PREDICT ( accurately )  HOW FAST TECHNOLOGY CAN MOVE.

I hope that the following anchorites ( slowdown artists & slowdown experts ) such as the US FDA  and the Gates foundation will get out of the way.  Or maybe increase the amount of the prize. The whole point of a contest is to put incredible pressure on the contestants to be fast, cheap and innovative.  Then we will see amazing results.  Or we can mosey along slowly while spending lots of money.

The contest is funded by Qualcomm.

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