Tuesday, July 30, 2013

Two names... one great chip

74C14   or the CD40106   40106  .... it is the same chip.  It is a hex Schmitt trigger inverter chip.

Able to tolerate and operate at a wide range of voltages.  5V to 15V at least.
Able to tolerate abuse..... ask me how I know
Low cost .... as little as 25 cents each
Easy to obtain  Mouser.com  , eBay.com  ,  RadioShack.com ,  many more vendors
Easy to experiment with.

Datasheet URLs

Each of the 6 inverters has a Schmitt trigger input... this means the input has hysteresis and switches at approximately 1/3 of Vcc and 2/3 of Vcc.   This makes the chip capable of doing some really cool things.  Each section can do some powerful things and they can be linked together to create crazy features.

My thanks to fritzing.org .... I have used their fabulous application for many purposes including schematic drawing ...


== Delay circuit ========
Example one is designed to accept a positive trigger pulse and output a 2 second pulse.  No more trigger pulses will be processed until 120 seconds has passed.