Saturday, November 14, 2015

Great Cow Basic

From: Chris Roper <>
Subject: Re: [OT] Robots as an educational tool for kids
Date: 2015m11d 13 at 13:02:32 MST
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It may be worth having a look at Great Cow BASIC, It can program most if
not all the PIC 10/12/16/18 Devices as well as some AVR Devices, has a nice
IDE that is easy to use and generates more efficient code than XC8 in my
limited experience. It also has a graphical programming tool specifically
for kids and a decent text compiler / Assembler for more mainstream
applications. Free and Opensource. I am seriously considering it as a
teaching tool for all skill levels as well as having developed a couple of
simple applications with it (An alarm System for my apartment and an
automated test rig for a PIC32 Based production board)

Here are some links to have a look at:

How to buy

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