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worm gears can be enveloping ( hourglass ) .  the engaging gear can be enveloping as well.

Web-based gear simulation   <===  multi-gear wrench drive
By Frank Leenaars, Department of Instructional Technology, University of Twente
Licensed under the MIT license

GearSketch lets you easily draw, connect and animate gears and chains. Best used with a touchscreen device.

desired updates to gearsketch
  #1   add ability to change gear properties ( number of teeth , color )  
  #2  optional box attached to gear , chain , shaft …..  that shows angle  ( degrees & radians ) or travel
  #3  add shaft object
  #4  add worm gear object
  #5  set play speed ( 100% <==> 1% )
  #6  add static images to simulation ( boxes , circles , text )
  #7  attach images ( sprites ) to gears & chains
  #8  add switches that detect trigger object on gear or chain

Demo hand icon by momentum (

Frank Leenaars
F.A.J. (Frank) Leenaars, MSc.
Contact information:

0031 53 489 4492

Short bio
Frank Leenaars (1984) studied computer science (BSc) and psychology (BSc, MSc) at the University of Twente. For his master’s thesis he examined the use of self-generated drawings to facilitate the construction of formal models. He started his PhD research at the department of instructional technology in July 2009.

Research interests
Science education, inquiry learning, external representations, drawing, modeling.

PhD project
During the final years of primary education, development of scientific literacy is an important objective, for instance in the domains of geography and biology. For older students, constructing models of studied systems can be an effective way to enhance understanding of these systems. This study concerns the introduction of model construction activities to science education in primary school. The main focus will be on a representation of scientific models that is understandable and usable by students in the target population (fifth grade).

99guspuppet   121517762013SCRATCH    version 2


Information from gearsketch source code

Generated by CoffeeScript 1.6.3

buttons   play , clear , cloud , help

“chain" is equivalent to belt
“momentum" appears to be gear speed
penMove can be dragging ( center ) , momentum ( not-center )
“board" is a gear sketch

New gear is created
if (idealTrueAreaRatio > 0.80 && idealTrueAreaRatio < 1.20 && t > MIN_GEAR_TEETH) {

x = sumX / numberOfPoints;

y = sumY / numberOfPoints;

return new Gear(new Point(x, y), 0, t);


Advice about JS

 I suggest using Chrome's developer tools, it doesn't just have the console, but an element inspector, and a resource tracker (resource tracker is invaluable when working with JSON and AJAX, since invalid json will fail silently)

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You don't need to upload the JS file to a server to test it. Just write an html and declare the js binding
Edit the JS file in your favorite editor and then refresh the page to test it.
For unit testing the best option is Selenium. It allows you to record an interaction with the browser and then play it back.

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