Monday, May 12, 2014

Hacking Batteries

The first thing I will mention is that batteries and electricity can do bad things.  They can explode , spray blinding chemicals and fire , poison you , electrocute yoou ... dead ... dead ... dead .... etc.  Nothing I mention below should be done by anyone who values their life.  I take no responsibility.  Only crazy people would read my stuff or act on this information.  There is no warranty here. See this scary image .

I had 3  Camcorders ( Samsung SC-D353 )  which had two batteries between them.  The small one was losing utility ... so I cut the case apart and installed two LION ( Lithium ION ) batteries from a dead laptop.  Here is a photo of the hack and the remaining stock battery. The remaining battery was twice as "high"as the smaller one.  So far the hacked battery is working great and has much more staying power.

Since there were two cells inside the case, I had to solder each replacement cell to a separate set of pads so that the management electronics ( including fire & explosion prevention ) could handle each cell separately.  Note:  the cells are physically longer than the replaced one... the camera does not sit level on the table.

There a lot of different Lithium battery chemistries becoming available .... so it is becoming trickier to guess which lithium cells are compatible.

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