Sunday, April 20, 2014

Open Speech Initiative

Started by Peter Grasch.  To Quote Peter :
The Open Speech Initiative under the KDE umbrella is a network of developers and researchers that work together to build high accuracy, large vocabulary speech recognition systems for a variety of domains (desktop dictation being just one of them). This network of developers is looking to bring first class speech processing to the world of free software. Building such systems using free software and free resources requires a lot of work in many different areas (software development, signal processing, linguistics, etc.).

 My Plans
I want to extend this effort in the direction of using the system for OpenIP software that runs on Linux Ubuntu boards ( such as the PCduino , BeagleBoneBlack, Galileo , etc. )  and provide speaker dependent command recognition that is six sigma ( 99.99966% ) accurate.

I plan to try PG's code onto Ubuntu running on whiteware and then try to move it to the PCduino. ( Unless PG advises me not to try )

OISDVC on Ubuntu on Toshiba Laptop  
 OpenIP  Speaker Dependent Voice Commander

OISDVC on Ubuntu on PCduino

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