Saturday, April 12, 2014


Denver Metro West HackerSpace

Meeting on 2014m04d10

This meetup was great.  Christopher C. is doing a great job.  Scott Converse brought a lot of seasoned ideas learned from his efforts at the Tinkermill hackerspace in Longmont. 

It was one of the most interesting meetings I have ever been to.  Scott , Joanne Yamaguchi and I discussed a host of topics including Steve Jobs , behavioral psychology and local gossip.  Scott is one hell of an intelligent guy.

I would love to see this group go forward.  I feel it is important to share my axioms so it is more clear why I may or may put energy into this group. 

I love the idea of education.  Hats off to Mickey P. for his interest in that area.  I want to teach classes to people who are just getting interested in science , IoT , & technology.  In addition , I want to build products that are useable by non-geeks.  ( Hence my interest in #Phratch ).

I want to focus more on virtual meetings than building up a big meeting space.  What I mean is that people can attend the meetings and educational classes via conferencing.  Also some of the equipment would be tele-operated.  I also favor mobile spaces like trailers , buses and easy to move modules.  I want any spaces we have to be 24/7 with cloud-based security and entry control. People get *keys* for when and where they sign up for.

Everything should cost at least a little bit.  I want to to reduce the burden on the founders.  To me, success is reaching a bunch of people with new data and experiences.

I do not favor getting involved with government.  It may be idealism ....  I believe that power is poison ( see Henry Adams ) and that the power to take money via taxes and then decide *afterwards* how it should be spent ....... leads to all sorts of bad outcomes.  Like buildings staying empty for years.  I am also not a big fan of the legal system.  One of the biggest problems a hackerspace faces is dealing with liability.  It should ( and is not ) by sufficient to warn people ( honestly ) about the activities and be absolved of liability.  One person I admired went to prison for 3 years for annoying some people that were powerful in the legal system.

I am interested in building a big 3D Fabricator Robot to share with the community.  #3DFabRobot   It would have a working volume of 4 by 8 by 2 feet with snap on heads for plastic extrusion , cutting , scanning , welding , etc.   I invite anyone to join me.

I am always happy to consult on inventor projects on two levels.  I freely give advice and analysis.  I charge for design work.

#DMWHS     99guspuppet   aka Gus S. Calabrese

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