Friday, May 23, 2014

Hack a Mouse

Computer mice are good for lots of things besides the traditional use.   The sensor is great for hacking to use a tracking device , a measuring device , etc.   The mouse chips just keep getting smarter and cheaper.  I will be collecting all the cool projects I can find and putting links to them in this post.

Where to buy ==========
Sparkfun has a nifty chip for $1.40.  ADNS2620 - Optical Mouse Sensor IC
       18 by 18 matrix   64 gray levels     SPI  interface

Possible Hacks ===========

Positioning  ....................

Sensing Motion ..................
It should be possible to sense motion and differentiate between small creatures and large creatures and measure speed.  With more than one sensor , one should be able to determine distance.  From above ( the ceiling of a room ) one should be able to track an object.

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