Friday, May 10, 2013

Robot Arm that will *MAKE* things MoT Maker of Things

Robot Arm that will *MAKE* things   MoT   Maker of Things

I am really enchanted with the advent of desktop , affordable 3D printing and all it suggests.

I accidentally ran into Jeff McAlvay who was traveling through Denver on his way to San Francico.  He is starting a project to make desktop electronic fabrication a reality.
I really like his ideas.   I want to collaborate with him.

As for me....
I am attracted to the idea of a delta based robotic arm.  One example is....
Here is a great video from an experimenter

I want a delta robotic arm that can change tools...
The tools will be presented on a slide-out shelf.  Tools will include scanner , laser cutter / etcher , Pick and Place [ PNP ] , materials depositer ( for various materials ) , back massager , camera , ....
[ the Adept Quattro described later in this blog sort of does this ]
test with dial indicator
making a hand
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