Thursday, May 30, 2013

Crowdsourcing tech projects My advice FLOSS is best

this entry is mostly about tech projects ........

#1   Do not support the project unless they promise to Open Source ( FLOSS ) the hardware and software design. Crowdfunding is best when it opens new possibilities.... and the most possibilities are presented when the design of a breakout product is free to be expanded upon by others.  I have loved Apple products but Apple is the opposite of what crowdfunding seems to be about.  Apple is secretive and creates locked-down products.  As you might guess , I am not supportive of projects that make patents and copyrights part of their scheme.

#2  Use critical thinking when analyzing the project you want to invest in.
          Does the project seen straight forward ?
          Is there lots of glossy marketing hype and no real details about how the project will progress ?
          Do the founders communicate openly and accurately ?

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