Friday, May 31, 2013

JITSI Videoconferencing

My attraction to Jitsi is that it is FLOSS ( open source ).   Thus I have some hope that I can influence the direction of it's development.  I favor software that is reliable and easy to use.  this comes before lots of flashy features, or speed.  In video conferencing the quality of the  sound is most important , The video should be smooth looking ( it can be a very small video window ).  I don't care much about chat.... I would not be using a *video* solution if I did.

I don't care about lots of options ( at least initially ) as long as the limited options *work well*.

Forum , community , mailing list
 Jitsi does not appear to have a forum.
The mailing list is located here

Experimenting with Jitsi
My first experiment with Jitsi was between an Apple  MacIntosh and a Windows machine.  My buddy *Dexter the Genius* was manning the Windows machine.  The experiment did not go well.

The chat interface could be made more friendly.

The sound quality was horrible

Hardly any documentation


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