Sunday, March 3, 2013

HOWTO remove/re-install MacIntosh Automator

HOW TO remove / reinstall Apple MacIntosh Automator application
( for Snow Leopard )

Read the following :  this

Search for automator  using the Spotlight application  or ( Houdah application )

I found and trashed the .......
the application
the automator files in the library

One way other than doing a reinstall is to download Pacifist and use that to reinstall Automator. Pacifist allows you to reinstall 'specific' Apps etc off your Tiger Install DVD.

OS X installer procedure
Choose Optional Installs

Choose Optional Installs.mpkg

I hit a dead end using Apple supplied installer so I used *Pacifist* ....................  see above


I used an unregistered copy of Pacifist to open my Snow Leopard install DVD ...
Pacifist took about 15 minutes to extract the packages.

Once you figure out some of the quirks of Pacifist .... it works very well....
I registered for $20

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