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Changing 1990 Miata timing belt , water pump, etc.

Changing Mazda Miata ( 1990 ) timing belt , water pump and other stuff in that general vicinity
Alternator Belt

AC belt

The 1990 Miata engine is a fine piece of design.  Still , it has it's drawbacks.
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Ornamental gewgaws
I find that some of the items on the Miata are ornamental and can be removed which simplifies my life.
 Part of the oil pan was blocking the installation of the timing belt. It was not doing anything ( perhaps it was part of a dust seal ) With some difficulty I whacked it off.  I also whacked off a dust seal next to the Timing belt crankshaft gear.

Good advice and bad advice
== Breakable crankshaft
The cloud told me that I had a short nose crankshaft that would be easy to break if I removed the front pulley.  I believed the cloud, so I went to a great deal of trouble to install the timing belt without removing the pulley.

== Belt can be installed without removing timing belt gear or crankshaft pulley
The cloud told me I could install the timing belt without pulling the front pulley.  After much struggle ,  I don't believe this to be true.  I found this useful.

The engine spins clockwise... so do the cam shafts  .... Avoid spinning them the other way.

Radiator fan sensor

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