Monday, February 18, 2013

Open Source ( FLOSS ) contest

I am interested in sponsoring an open source coding contest.

 The winner would receive prize money  ( probably $1000 ) for successfully completing all milestones.  I am looking for suggestions, advice , alliances.  Where to publicize the contest ?   Where to post the final result ?

Contest would be to develop an app for a RaspberryPi. It has Debian Wheezy with Python installed on an SD card. End product will be fully FLOSS ( open sourced ). I can supply a code image of what has been done so far.


 #1 Verify that Linux/OpenCV/Python package on RBPI is functional and can be replicated.

#2 Develop OpenCV app to count pills .... pills will be very high contrast.

#3 Develop OpenCV app to detect oncoming vehicle and compute its speed.

#4 Develop OpenCV app to read dials and alphanumerics.

Webcams used may vary from 0.3Mpx to 6Mpx.
App should be reliable... fast response is NOT crucial.

 OpenCV info ==>

Desired skills..... "can he do the job ?" Joe vs the Volcano

Payment in cash for negotiated milestones being completed and transferred to me........
 Results will be Public Domain and will be posted publicly.   [ Software , source code, diagrams, suggested webcams , hardware documentation ]

 Gus   99guspuppet


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