Monday, December 26, 2016

Making FTDI devices work with macOS Sierra

I could not get an FTDI FT8U232AM evaluation device to work under Apple macOS Sierra   (  10.12.1 )

The device was listed in the System Report .....
( About This Mac ....  System Report  .....  USB  )


  Product ID: 0x6001
  Vendor ID: 0x0403  (Future Technology Devices International Limited)
  Version: 2.00
  Serial Number: FT9LMWA6
  Speed: Up to 12 Mb/sec
  Manufacturer: FTDI
  Location ID: 0x14100000 / 3
  Current Available (mA): 500
  Current Required (mA): 50
  Extra Operating Current (mA): 0

After Googling various internet sites , and removing some files , I was successful in using the device with the app "Coolterm".

To do so I used the Terminal app and typed
ls -lctr /Library/Extensions/

I found .kext files for Wacom and for FTDI.
I also used the HoudahSpot app to search for files with the .kext extension.

I trashed these three :
 Wacom Tablet.kext ,  FTDIKext.kext , FTDIUSBSerialDriver.kext

I left this file alone:

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