Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Adventures with Airdroid

Three Mac installations... two fails.

I installed Airdroid ( AD )  ( 2016m08d08 ) on two Mac laptops and a Mac Mini.  When I invoked AD on two of the Macs the application quit unexpectedly.

When installing on each failure I got a cryptic message indicating that access to Developer tools was required.  This is NOT mentioned in the installation procedure.  I imagine there is something wrong with the downloaded installation package or with my laptops.

I am running Kaspersky Virus scan on my laptops to determine if a virus is the problem.

I installed AD successfully on Samsung Avant Galaxy Android smartphone.  2016m08d08

I installed AD successfully on a WIN10 laptop. ( Leviathan )

I have not found adding devices easy to do.  In over 24 hours I have failed to add even one device.
I am trying the Premium version of AD for one month ( $2 )  ( $38 for two years )  I find Premium very confusing.

Changing accounts is quite a chore.  I installed AD on a Samsung smartphone and it assumed ( for me ) that I would like to use my google account information.  It was wrong.  Now I have wasted much time trying to change my account to one *that I want*.  Uninstalling AD requires a password ( which I do not have ).  This I do not like.

So far I do not like Airdroid.   I hope to learn more likeable things about it in the future.

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