Tuesday, July 19, 2016

SOHO management

Small Office   Home Office   Management

Updated 2016m07d20

Adjust these techniques and pieces of advice to fit your situation

Axiom #1 .... the computer is a powerful search tool and organizational tool when given the chance.  Make the search engine your friend.
Axiom#2  ... form a few easy to implement habits.  Use these habits every moment of the day.

Put all digital files in "documents folder"
Use tags   .... pick a suffix   I picked "99"   you should pick something else ... like "44" or "00"  or "zz"
Physical items should be tagged as DNyyyy"m"mm"d"dd"i"nnn
   example:   DN2016m08d19i001
      DN   means document number
      yyyy is the year
      mm is the month   use leading zero for Jan thru September
      dd     is the day      use leading zero for day 1 thru 9

I email myself reminders of various items

I limit the variety of passwords I use   ..... someday biometrics will provide a great scheme for locking things down  ..... maybe QR codes could be used

I use "777" to tag items on the internet

tags:  99SOHO   SOHO    777SOHO   777filing   777fire

use tags   put everything in one document folder
use DN   document numbers   especially for physical items
use refrigerator or dryer as fire safe
put items that would be water damaged into plastic ziplock


Fire in the office is a catastrophe.  Equipment is wrecked, paper files are damaged , digital data is lost.  The #1 thing to do is ..... act immediately ! .... get lots of help ....  wash everything with distilled water or other cleaners ( everything including electronics ).  Fire creates noxious chemicals that corrode and continue to corrode paper , electronics , fabric , etc.  Do not leave unwashed anything that might have "breathed" fumes from the fire.  Do this immediately.  Turn power off to everything , remove batteries.

It is a good idea to store valuable items in ziploc plastic bags.  It is much better to have melted plastic on the item than water , fumes and acid rain ( water and smoke ) .

You can use discarded appliances as cheap fire safes.  You can use ovens , microwaves , refrigerators , dryers as fire safes.   Put them where you expect a fire to be least intense.  You can add padlocks to them for security.

There are many great search engines for computers.  I offer one as an example.  Others will work well.  HoudauSpot is made for the MacIntosh Computer.    It costs around $50.  You can buy family paks.  It is easy to use and has tons of options for searching.  There is a free trial for practicing with.  You can find tutorials such as this one.

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