Wednesday, July 13, 2016

2016 Las Vegas IoT Conference xx

2016m07d10    Sunday
Arrived in LV.    Gus was hot and tired.  CP ( Caesar's Palace ) did not have room ready until 1500 hrs.  Gus collapsed.

2016m07d11   Monday
We learned we were not accredited as press.  We can attend keynotes and panel discussions.  No freebie food.

2016m07d12    Tuesday
Zax and Gus went to keynote in the morning.   Presenters were boring and generic.  Switching video from one presenter to another went very smoothly-NOT.  Very chaotic.  MC was very annoying when he tried to cover up SNAFUs with jokes and loud patter.  Presenters were awarded participation prizes.

Home Automation panel at 1600 hrs was good.

Gus started asking a few people about their thoughts on ASI.  Most were not worried and thought it would work itself out.

Gus went to Apple and exchanged Thunderbolt cable for HDMI cable.  AAXA projector works great now.

Lynn and Joe came to our room and visited from 2000 to 2200 hours.   Joe works at the University of LNV.  Lynn has been retired for 8 years.  We talked about future technology..... vehicles , medicine , etc.

2016m07d13  Wednesday

1130   great presentation by Intel on security
1200   exhibits      great swag   USB memory sticks

2016m07d13  Thursday
There was a great Theater presentation at 1120 hrs by Prpl Foundation.   It was moderated by Art Swift.  There were 3 panelists.  The European Guy gave a great answer to the question of wither goest ASI ( Artificial Super Intelligence )   He felt it was a great danger.  The thin guy panelist poo-pooed ASI.  He compared it to earlier people who feared the printing press.   I think the two examples are comparable.  ( get the video if possible )

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