Thursday, January 29, 2015

OpenMV is Visionary

I have long fancied having an affordable camera that would would be very clever.  
Clever as to what it could recognize.
Clever as to how congenial it was to it's human owner.
Clever and generous by living in the OpenIP universe. 
I think I have found such a camera.

Ibrahim Abdelkader    ( twitter )
has created an affordable camera ( $55 ) that is being offered on KickStarter.
The camera is  ......
small  ( I estimate it at 2" by 1.5" by 1" high )
uses Python scripting
cheeep   $55
is based on OpenIP    

Here is the OpenIP documents.
Here is the KickStarter offering.
Here is an article in HackaDay.
Here is a video.

What is it good for ?   
In My Humble Opinion ........
Have it look at a automobile dashboard and report/log the instrument panel.
Have it look through a telescope and report the height of water in a distant bay.
Have it count the number of pills on a light table.
Have it sort through a collection of nuts , bolts , washers , screws .....
Have it count coins.
Have it count people coming through a door.
Have it watch for squirrels

I have signed up for two ....

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