Tuesday, November 18, 2014


Thieves steal unattended running cars... especially in cold weather since the exhaust is visible.  Learn how to set up a "HoneyTrap".  A HoneyTrap is a fake opportunity for crime that attracts crooks and you catch them in the act by using video from a safe distance.

Help your neighbors   Put a "bait" puffer out on the street and sit back in your house to video the antics.  Question: What time of the day do these "puffer thefts" occur ?

Puffer should be older car you don't care about the finish as frustrated jerk may bang on it.  If you have a remote start.... that is ideal... securely lock the puffer.  Do not leave keys in the car.  Do not leave the car running if you are not watching.  Watch from a distance on the driver side of the car.
It is best to have a loud alarm you can trigger remotely.

How to make a PufferTrap
If you have a remote start and a remote alarm horn.... you are all set.  Otherwise you will have to make or buy one.  It is also great to have a video camera with sound ( one that you can control remotely ) situated in the car or hidden nearby.

More coming soon........   2014m11d18

Allowing short drive increases evidence ( less than 50 feet while going slow )
Disable Spark
Disable fuel
Do not trap or threaten thief

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