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OpenMono WIOT Module

The OM ( OpenMono ) is a module set to look for funding at the end of November 2104. ( Update:  the kickstarter campaign is underway ).  This is a great little module suitable for WIOT ( Wearable IOT ) applications.  the project looks like it will be very much OpenIP.  I encourage them to share news every day and use input from their supporters to make the product even better.  I encourage them to share the preliminary schematics, CAD , and software as they go along.

I plan to buy some and turn them into SmartWatches as part of my iBod project.  ( I have bought one so far )   I plan to add 915MHz radio capability.

there may be 3 versions:
with BLE
with WiFi

I have told Mono that I will supply help for gratis.  Design , testing , writing , ... you name it.

Things I desire:
On-board tethered ForthLang Forth language
Full hardware documentation …. PCB , etc.
Shrinkage of size
Anchor points for watch band
Quality 3.5mm connector ( 4 contacts ) seems good for serial data
Resistive touch screen
Does it matter whether touch display is resistive or capacitive ?
     Do  you plan to have multi-touch features ?
Use community to help accelerate the design
Really good connector selection for external add-ons
   small ,  robust , mag-safe
Sound/audio ...... both output and input

My Interest
My interest in Mono is to use it as a watch/wristband
that will talk to my waist-mounted iBod computer.
Because it will be on the wrist , I want to make it as
small as possible. Because of my use, I want to interface
a 915 MHz transceiver to the OpenMono.  I appreciate having
the Arduino-like connections.  I am afraid they will be
large and awkward. 
Is there a link where I can look at CAD drawings of
the OpenMono ?  What is the pitch of the 50 pin connector ?
Can I saw off the Arduino connectors ?
I want to add the Forth Language to the development options...... 
Would you look into supporting the 6lowpan protocol ?
Would you look into supporting the 915MHz frequency and personal area networks ?

Mono has both Wifi (802.11b/g) and Bluetooth LE built in. Unfortunately we do not include a 915 MHz antenna, that could serve as a carrier wave for 6LoWPAN. Our goal is mono should be able to communicate with standard household technologies. Without any bridges that translate between 915MHz and 2.4GHz based antennas.

You could certainly extend mono yourself with custom transmitters, to enable communication on other network standards. We will provide the same pinout headers as Arduino Uno. Using these you can connect any type of custom antenna to mono.

3.5 mm jack with 4 connections   GND, data1 , data2 , Power or I/O
50 pin pitch ???
from the photo I estimate the OpenMono to be 46 by 67 mm

Ideas I want to share with OpenMono =========
change website
   front page is too bland      all of your photos are too big      avoid becoming too cluttered …. please add more detail
   options at top of landing page should include …….
developers/DIY        buy/invest in Mono        consumer uses        ideas live @monokiosk

Forum   Kiosk
add a general forum  called openmono forum
tell the world what you are doing each day   daily news will keep you honest and motiovated

monokiosk   monoKiosk  seems not to be a sharing site   please add forum
Is the online store where we share/sell mono applications – or tasks as we call them ?

why call it a store ?  perhaps call it a repository ?
call tasks something more unique … such as monotasks or monoApps or monoMagics  or monoides or  monoplugs or  ???

Booting Mono using MacIntosh 64 bit
After installing bootloader on Mac

Check if Mono is listed as Mac device

  1. I press and hold the reset switch with a clips
  2. I press and hold down the user button on the side
  3. I release the reset switch
  4. I release the user button

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