Saturday, September 6, 2014


Broadcom appears to becoming more friendly to small developer companies.

WICED    pronounced "WICKED"
I have just learned about a $20 device for experimenting with tethered Bluetooth.
WICED Sensor  will be carried by Mouser
Product Brief  

Bluetooth / 802.15.1 Development Tools WICEDSENSE BT SMART Sensor Kit 

  • Includes multiple low-power MEMS sensors and Bluetooth Smart radio, powered by a single coin cell battery
  • Includes gyroscope, accelerometer, eCompass, pressure, humidity and temperature sensors
  • No embedded software design knowledge or compiler required 
The red enclosure is about the size of a credit card.
There are other development offerings as well.

Time will reveal if this a real effort by Broadcom to get hot in the IOT & WIOT areas.

More info:

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