Thursday, June 5, 2014

#VaporWare? Past and Present

VaporWare is when a new product is announced ( or pre-announced ) .....  with lots of hype ... sound and fury .... with predictions of turning the world upside down.    Then it turns out it is made with smoke and mirrors ( especially if it is a claim about a holographic display ) ... also a dollop of PhotoShop....

I invite friendly , useful comments about stuff I should be told about.

Fluff Review ..... this is when the reviewer is a *visionary* and rhapsodizes about the potential of the product.  The company's claims are presented without any critical analysis.  There is no credible demonstration.  This is not the same as lying ...... but it could become lying.
A Fluff demo is what the company provides to a Fluff Reviewer.

Lying   ... this is when there are flat out lies and deception.  This is where it appears there was an effort to defraud ( small or big effort , I don't make a distinction )

===============================================   2014m06d05
I am trying to track down reviews of this company and it's development efforts.  Everything I have seen so far is Fluff.   The latest claim is for a $30 holographic projector.  It is claimed that Peter Thiel has invested.

See the comments

==============================================  2014m06d05
I am looking for a demo of something that actually seems to work.  So far I have only seen Fluff demos.

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