Thursday, June 26, 2014


Why should you care about Metglas ?
Metglas has a maximum relative permeability approximately 1,000,000.  This means it channels ( concentrates ) existing magnetic fields better than any other material.  Empty space ( vacuum ) has a permeability of 1.  Superconductors have a permeability of zero.  Steel materials vary from 100 to 5,000.  So MG can come in very handy for constructing magnetic circuits.

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My observations...
I ordered some MetGlas from .   3 spools for $12.  I am interested in seeing what I can do with it.

MetGlas is attracted to a magnet.  Small amount has noticeable attraction thru paper to Neodymium magnet.  MG is brittle and hard to unwind from a spool.

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