Saturday, October 22, 2011

Voltage regulator for small engine

Magnet on rotating shaft moves past a coil.  The two ends of the coil are available from the small engine.  The unloaded voltage peak of the pulse is about 37 volts.

I want to make the pulses into DC using a full wave bridge ( 25 Amp , 50 V ).  I guess I could get by with a single diode if I chose to connect the coil up properly.  The LM317 is an adjustable regulator.  If I adjust the output of the LM317 to about 14V , the SCR should trigger on each pulse and feed the current into the battery until the battery reaches 14V minus the SCR trigger voltage ( Which will be about 13.3 V )

I am wondering if I could remove the fullwave.  This would require the SCR to tolerate a reverse voltage of  14V.


DexterIsMyHero said...

I'm looking at this and thinking "gasoline powered battery charger".

For a small gas engine, like a lawnmower engine, there is a magnet and coil already installed, but it's used as a magneto to provide a spark to the spark plug.

Or maybe add a second coil separate from the magneto...

Is this to be a replacement for an alternator on an automobile engine?

Sky Bird said...

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