Sunday, November 18, 2018

I came, I saw , I unplugged the toilet ..... clogged toilet

99Toilet issues

The upstairs guest toilet got plugged by JY poop.  
I had configured the toilet for vigorous action including extra water
so the toilet overflowed. ,  The plunger did not fit toilet well and
I could not clear the poop. Finally I used an old towel as a gasket…. I cut a
two inch ( 6 cm )  hole in the middle of the towel and laid it in the middle of the bowl.
I put the plunger through the hole. I used another towel to “roof” the
plunger to reduce splashing.

When using a snake … protect the toilet from scratches …….   use a bent plastic pipe

It is also a good idea to use dish cleaning soap …. Followed by hot ( not boiling ) water.  
Water that is too hot will crack toilet.

side of snake

front of snake

bottom of snake

plunger does not fit toilet opening... 
round versus rectangular

preparing for action  here is the plunger

hole is cut in towel to fit end of plunger

toilet seat cover helps "clamp" towel

insert plunger into hole in towel

towel is wet and is pushed down into bottom of bowl

just about ready to "plunge away 

second towel protects against splashing

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