Saturday, December 5, 2015

Robot Parts ..... You are tearing me apart

One of my favourite hobbies is to tear stuff apart ... to see how it worked ... and to obtain interesting parts    I also find it easier to repair some items if I cut an access hole in them ...rather then ferret out the hidden fasteners designers use.

Tools to use
Wear gloves and googles, wear a long sleeeved shirt and long pants.  While tearing stuff apart one does not want to disassemble one's own body parts.  I once got a sliver in my eye .... wowser ... did that hurt.  Hot plastic and metal can flip in the air.  Cannabilizing devices can be make quite a mess... so don't do it on mum's favourite table.

A variable speed dremel can be quite handy to saw through plastic and metal.  Slower speeds on electric tools is generally safer.

Printers Scanners
Printers have great parts in them ... gears , motors , shafts , bearings , power supplies
Here are some photos
Scanners have great parts for starting a #D printer project.  They have optics as well... mirrors, lenses
VCRs have all sorts of weird mechanical assemblies
Floppy Drives , Hard Drives
Hard Drives have great magnets in them ( NeoDymium )
Floppy Drives have motors , gears , sensors, .......


Ideas for the Future

== gather some ( salvage ) common robotic electronics and dissect them
      hard drive

== demonstrate common elements of robots
make a kit
screw positioner
== put together video of robots in action 
       long on action… short on words
tree climbing
sea going   diving

== simulation software


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