Monday, March 23, 2015

WaveForm Generator Open IP

Here is a great KickStarter project
An OpenIP waveform generator

Here are the OpenIP files at Github
Here is the PDF schematic
Useful documents have been provided about the Theory of Operation and how to use this device.

MCP4241    is a digital potentiometer
D1               does peak voltage detection
FOX924B      is an oscillator for the microprocessor   16MHz
IC6             is an oven stabilized oscillator
CN1           is flash memory

I would like to see an expansion connector that includes
==   SCK , MOSI , MISO ,
==   Any spare I/O pins from the ATMEG processor [ IO13 ,  ]

I really like this board and I want to hack a ARM based micro onto the circuitry ..... possibly using micro-python or pharo smalltalk.

What is CN1 ?
What are J3 and J4 for ?
Is there a BOM ?

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