Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Humans on Mars

Why Mars ?
I want humans on Mars the soonest.   Over 40 years ago humans walked on the Moon.  Then NASA went into a mediocrital hibernation.   Over 40 years of futility.  I wanted to be an asteroid miner/explorer.   Forgettaboutit !

Now... I want NASA to get out of the way of efforts like MarsOne.  Of course, it is likely that NASA hates the MarsOne concept.   NASA is staffed by people who now believe in the axiom ..."Good enough for guvmit work "

MarsOne want to send humans to Mars to live out the rest of their lives.  Just like the American westward-ho pioneers of the 1800s.  There are lots of well-qualified volunteers.  Be the first on your block to donate to MarsOne.   Unlike the blood-sucking, taxpayer looting crowd at NASA , MarsOne is a privately funded, volunteer funded adventure.

The Rover

Questions I have
Some questions I have and will attempt to get answers to ....
Is this going to an OpenIp project ?
How much openess and sharing will there be in the design of the project elements ?

Some great books .....
Red Mars , Green Mars , Blue Mars        by Kim Stanley Robinson
The Case for Mars   How to Live on Mars    by Robert Zubrin

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