Wednesday, July 2, 2014

MeatSpace-Virtuality Mashups

I am a big fan... a proponent of meetings , meetups , conferences , confabs , etc.  .... that are a mixture of real people in a real location mixing with people ( or ASIs ) located in remote locations.  Not everyone likes this concept.  Some people just insist that it is important to meet people face to face .... exchange microbes , see how they smell , maybe poke then in the eye.  I cannot argue with that preference... for some ... it is all important to make that physical contact.

Of course , some people choose not to attend a meeting physically.  They are too shy... or too far away ... or feel it takes to long to travel. They have many reasons for not attending via real-space.

I would like to see more meetups arrange to have ways for remote viewers to share in the fun.
Here is what I think would be nifty.

== Have good conferencing software....
                     emphasis on voice and sound quality
== big screen locally for cloud people to be seen on
== direct-able camera that cloud people can point , pan-tilt-zoom , fight for control of
== macro camera that allows closeups of items of interest
== roving robot that pokes around and supply cloud people with virtual tour

I invite comments on how to improve the concept.

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