Thursday, March 20, 2014

One definition of Hacking

I love to hack into things.  Some of my friends shudder and act like I am destroying the world.  Over 50% of the things I hack into survive to0 live another day ....... sometimes for completely different purposes.  Sometimes it just does not pay to carefully disassemble an item.  Maybe the manufacturer made it impossible.  Maybe it will take too long.  Maybe i am just crazy.

I have hacked in water heaters , the timing shroud of a Miata sports car , into my big toe ( want to see a picture ? ) , clothes dryers , motors , tools , the side of a hill , .... and so on.

Some of my best hacker tools are the dremel with a cutting disc , various saws , big grinders with cutting disks , and old soldering irons.

Dremel tools are great but sometimes they spin too fast and melt the plastic.  I use old soldering irons to drill holes in plastic.  Noxious fumes result ...Ventilation Please !!!

Beefy Dremel tool is one of my favorite hacking instruments .  Scalpel anyone ?  That is a dental pick that my dentist gave me.

cutting wheel

This a hacked up FM transmitter module.  I am trying to find where I might attach an antenna wire.  I tried to pry the case apart... but it seemed as though the circuit board would be damaged if I did.

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erasmus said...

since there was no internet at Benny's so you could not load LINUX onto Keith's LT -- does that mean that you have his LT, or must get it in order to put LINUX on it?

AGSCalabrese said...

Yes I have the LT