Sunday, December 15, 2013

2103m12 Wearable Technology Conference in L.A.

Joanne Yamaguchi and I ( Gus S. Calabrese ) attended the 2013 Wearable Technology Conference  held 2013m12d10-12 in Studio City, California.

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We are still waiting for videos and photos from the organizers.  The ones we took will be posted soon.  The conference was two days ( Tuesday & Wednesday ) for us.  We were at times thrilled , bored and at the end of each day .... totally exhausted.  The food at the conference was pretty good.  We discovered a restaurant ( Wednesday ) on Ventura Blvd. at 2300 hrs that was spectacular.
Mexicali Cocina Cantina 12161 Ventura Blvd.    Studio City .....  open very late
Thursday we trooped over to Venice Beach and had a great time.  It was easy to compare the temperature in L.A. with that in Denver ( 1 degree F ).  We found The Sidewalk Cafe @ 1401 Ocean Front Walk    Venice, CA

Here are some of the topics that emerged from the conference.....  in no particular order

Simon Jones blogs about on wearable tech
Check out Simon Jones  ...Simon was a moderator at the conference.
twitter: #MrNesjo

Waterproof Coating
HzO showed off a method of applying a very thin coating to electronics that allowed one to toss a smart phone into an aquarium.  The coating is not good for resisting mechanical abuse so it should be for electronics inside a case.  It looked like it really worked.

Phillip Kahn says connectivity is key
Phillip Kahn did the opening keynote and he emphasized connectivity as key to success.  This is absolutely true.  At least for the success of the user.  There was a lot of lip service at the conference about the customer experience.  The majority of attendees seemed more interested in schemes that would increase their cash flow.

The coolest demonstration was by a hacker who showed a sensor glove that interacted with a Plantronics headset.

Patents were not examined philosophically at this conference.  There was an undertone of deference to patents and everyone who was hoping to *hit it big* paid homage to patents.  Only a few people at this event seemed to view *sharing, do-gooderism , altruism* as a worthwhile activity.  There was a hackathon guy, some people at Plantronics, a guy from Hexoskin who seemed interested in anything but hitting next lucrative home-run.

NeoConix showed off some really small connectors.   very nifty...

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