Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Using USB with Android ICS .. serial , memory sticks , playing music

I did my testing using an Archos  80 G9 tablet running Android ICS ( Ice Cream Sandwich ).

The 80G9  has a slot in the back of it with a removable cover.   I removed the cover and plugged a USB extender into the tablet.  I plugged a 8G USB memory stick into the extender cable.  I had to go into *settings* and turn on the G3 option.  While still in *settings* , I went to*Storage* and was able to determine that USB sticks are recognized when they are plugged in.  I am not sure how to properly *unrecognize* a USB stick.

I tried using a USB hub as an intermediary...  So far an Inland 7 port powered USB hub has not worked ( did not work in unpowered mode either ).   Strangely , an unpowered 4 port hub from Inland seems to work.

Playing music
Previously , I had loaded a 8G USB memory stick with music from iTunes.    I activated the *Music* app installed on the tablet.  I was able to browse thru the USB stick.  It was listed as external storage.  The music app successfully played the music located on the USB stick.

I am using a dual ended cable ( 3.5 mm stereo plug on each end ) .  One end is plugged into the earphone output of the tablet.  The other end has been plugged into various music players....... a Memorex Boom Box with a 3.5 mm AUX input ....... a stereo amplifier with a 3.5 mm AUX input.
  Both amplified the sound cleanly.

Installing a USB Serial Port    
I also tried using a USB to Serial Port adapter in the G3 USB slot..  I am trying the support offered by Prolific.
( Kudos to this site for providing useful information .... )

This is the name that Prolific gives their package ==> PL2303 Android USB Host Solution
I was able to install the test app and it did show a connection with the USB to Serial cable.  This only worked when I was using an OTG cable connected to the side of the Archos.  I was unable to get the 3G USB slot to work.    Although the app shows a connection... it does not run the loopback test sucessfully.

I am currently looking at the Java code that comprises the test app.
Here are some comments on driver problems .........

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