Monday, December 26, 2011

Linux-Apple InstallFest/HackFest/InventorFest Open to public

Linux-Apple InstallFest/HackFest/InventorFest 
RSVP     Open to public    RSVP

Now planned for 2012m01d07 Saturday [ 1000 to 1500 hrs ]    January 7th
at    near 58th Ave and I-25
Tour of denhac  ==>

There will be 10 meese , 10 keyboards , 10 monitors
You can bring beer , soft drinks and snacks and good behaviour.
There is WiFi and CAT5.
There are even some computer cards ( video, NIC... ) that can be used for testing.
You can hack electronics as well if you wish.  There is a digital projector.
There is music if desired.

Please RSVP.....  
Explain /describe what help or stuff you need or ??? you want answered.  Help your helpers be prepared.
You may want help installing Linux... or debugging a Linux driver
You may want help installing Mac software ... or debugging Apple hardware
Someone may volunteer to help with WINDOWs...... ulp !
....or fixing a vacuum cleaner .... or milling some plastic  ... or welding a samurai sword

Come to InventFest and get suggestions on how to create your invention.  ( please do not expect anyone to sign an NDA )  Questions about micro-controllers, optics , stepper motors , electro-mechanical devices and more ..... will be answered.

Tour of denhac  ==>

There may also be ( if requested ) a small mill, arc welder, cutoff saw, hydraulic press, firecrackers, etc. , etc.

Donations ( $$$ ) welcome

We expect this kind of excitement

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