Thursday, June 30, 2011

DTUinvent .... inventor / entrepreneurial school ... I/E School

NAME ==>     FLOSS DTU Inventor and Entrepreneur School     ( Dent the Universe )
TAG  ==>          DTUinvent 
HOST ==>     Gus S. Calabrese    99guspuppet    720 222 1309


June 30th 2011  Thursday   1900 hrs
Billy's Bar    44th Ave. and Lowell   NW Denver , CO
WiFi available   Patio
Feel free to suggest better meeting times and places

The intention is to create a school where inventors / entrepreneurs ( I/Es ) can learn about technologies and techniques .  While participating inventors are free to indulge in the classic  "secret mad scientist" approach ...... the emphasis will be on a FLOSS ( Open Source ) paradigm and openness and sharing.  Entrepreneurs will have have  resources to use here as well.  There will be online classes in entrepreneurship.
There will be an online library for inventors and entrepreneurs.  There will be sandboxes for participants.

The school will have equipment to help the inventor....
Electronic test equipment
Electronic sandbox
Software sandbox
hydraulic gizmos
air tools and gizmos
molding sandbox
3D printing sandbox      ( also CNC )
enclosure sandbox

I have a 40 foot bus I plan to convert to a traveling invention center.

We will have an advice forum.
We will have classes in techniques useful to inventing.
We will ally ourselves with other groups that have useful resources.

Another great resource is CLUB WORKSHOP near 8th Ave and I-25  Denver, CO
Regis University has an entrepreneurs club ..........

Once per year we will have a DTUinvent  confab in some exotic place. 

Currently available :
I have electronic development kits, test equipment, salvaged electronics, computers, tablets ,
see my resume at

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