Saturday, June 23, 2007

upgrading to XP Home Edition from WIN2000

Yes you can do this !  * a friend asks... why ITNOETIH would anyone upgrade to XP or VISTA ?
see reason below

Although XP Home Edition Upgrade [ XP HEU ] says on the box that it will not upgrade if the existing system is WIN2000, this is true and not true.

You probably cannot upgrade a copy Windows 2000. You can , however, install a new copy of Windows XP Home Edition using the XP HEU if you have an full install CD for WIN98, WIN98SE, WIN-Millenium or WIN2000.

I was able to successfully install Windows XP Home edition upgrade on a hard drive that had WIN2000 Pro on it. The drive was formatted using NTFS which I was able to keep.

All you have to do is insert the XP HEU CD disk and run it. It may report that it cannot find an operating system to upgrade. Continue anyway and it will ask if you have a install CD for WIN98, WIN98SE, WINMillenium or WIN2000. Put that CD in a CD drive ( I put it into a second drive ), wait the CD to be verified and then continue.

verified 2007 June 22 reach me at

* in the name of everything that is holy
a good friend of my was giving her old computer to a friend and demanded that I change it ( upgrade ? ) from WIN2000 to XP.  This was not my idea.  And perhaps for her own good I should have said NO !

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Unknown said...

Heh, I did the same sort of thing creating a Virtual Machine in Virtual Box. I had an XP upgrade disk, and a Win98 upgrade disk. The XP upgrade accepted the Win98 upgrade. I think my original system started as Win3.